Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On a hot summer day, my family and me decided to go for a long drive on ECR and spend the evening on the seashore. We arrived there around the sunset time. Since it was a evening, the cool breeze added charm and pleasure to our pleasant sea side walk. While walking slowly on the border of sand and water, I got some thoughts about this life. Everytime the water touched my feet, I felt that it wanted to tell me something. So I wished to dig out what was troubling my mind and heart. I went back to the shore, sat quietly and was absorbing the pleasant sea. During the time I spent on the seashore, I comtemplated deeply on the nature of the sea and how it helps us to develop our personality.

The beautiful sea teaches our the two most important qualities that every person needs in his life, “vastness” and “absorption”.

Sea is soo vast that the other side of the sea is never seen by an ordinary person until he develops a magnitude in his personality. An ordinary person’s vision needs further expansion from himself, his family and a close social circle, to ultimately think of the whole creation. There should be no room for lower tendencies like hatred, anger and jealously.

The next most important quality that every person on this world should learn from a sea is “absorption”. It absorbs whatever is merged into it. All mighty rivers carry all the filth created by human beings and ultimately merge into the sea and it accepts all of them.

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